Six Things

Feb 13 – Six things – Rev 2:19

Vs 19 – Jesus then reveals six things the church was doing right. They were people that were known for their deeds. Like James they followed through their faith with what they did. Deeds always speak louder than words. They were people who loved. People will know that we are His disciples by the way were love one another. They were known as people of faith, individuals who trusted God. Faith is the measure of our belief. Do we trust God? If we do we will live it out in front of others. They were known for their service. They did things of behalf of the Lord for within the church and throughout the community. Every church should have this testimony. Our greatest service is beyond the church walls. They were known for perseverance. They had been living out their faith in the middle of a city known for its evil. They lastly did more than they did at first. They went above and beyond what was expected. They were runners in a race of life. They did more than expected. This should be our testimony today.