Slain in the Spirit

Jan 22 – Slain in the Spirit – Rev 1:17

Vs 17 – John was literally slain in the Spirit at this moment. He fell over like a dead man. This of course is not the first time this has happened when the natural comes into contact with the divine. Daniel had the same reaction when he came face to face with an angel. In the Garden of Gethesame when Jesus said, “I am He who you seek.” The men fell over as dead. How does one comprehend or even fathom the divine. Jesus then placed His hand on John and said, “Do not be afraid.” John’s reaction was one of fear and reverence. The Lord said 365 times in the Bible about not being afraid. So there is one do not be afraid for every day of the year. Jesus then repeats what had been said before. “I am the first and last.” Everything begins and ends with Jesus. He is the one through all people can be saved. Salvation ends and begins with Him.