So you will not stumble

In John 16:1, Jesus said all the things He had taught were so that His disciples would not stumble.  To stumble of course means to almost fall or be in a place where you aren’t really upright and solid.  To stumble means that you are not in a stable position.  When you stumble often you need someone or something to help you up.  In the Christian walk we often stumble.  We may say, do and or think the wrong thing that causes us to stumble or even fall in our Christian walk.  The words and teachings of Jesus Christ will help us to not stumble or fall.  When one stumbles or fall it is a time of embarassment.  You know that you are not walking as you should and you feel off balance.  The teachings of Jesus help us from being that way.  The commandments and teachings of Jesus Christ enables us to walk victoriously.  They make us over comers instead of being overcome.  Through Jesus Christ we are more than conquerors.  In Christ we are victors not victims.  Jesus during His lifetime showed His disciples how to remain close to the Father.  His prayer life for example was an example of how to commune with God.  Larry Lea, says that Jesus went from one place of prayer to another place of prayer and in between He did miracles.  Would that not be a great way to live.  Through the life of Christ we see absolute, love acceptance and forgiveness.  All this combine with His words give us the material to not stumble or fall.  So today apply Jesus’ teachings, words and example in your life and walk in victory for His praise and glory.  Your promises today are:  Psalm 30:2, 34:10, 55:18, 103:3, 119:23, Isaiah 53:5, John 8:36, Rom 8:2, 32, 1 John 3:8 and 3 John 3.  Your Insightful Saying is:  A life is like a building with proper maintenance it will be kept sound and strong.