Soeak with Wisdom

In Col 4:5-6, Paul encourages us to watch our speech and speak with wisdom.  James points out the most unruly member of the body is the tongue.  It kills or it can heal. it just depends on who is in control of it.  As Christians we are to conduct ourselves with wisdom.  We are ambassadors for the Lord and we must conduct ourselves accordingly.  The Lord wants us to make the most of every opportunity.  Our words should be healing words.  The reason we are to walk in wisdom is because we must be ready to respond to each person.  In our life here on earth we will come across many different types of people.  Each one is unique and has their own way of approach.  As a Christian you must be able to respond to each one differently.  There are three things that Paul wishes our lifestyle to be seasoned with today.  Wisdom is the first, this is the ability to know what to do with what is revealed.  The second is grace, to be able to minister in love without prejudice.  The last is healing, you must be able to bring healing to a person who is hurting.  Try to do that today to someone you know.  Your promises are, Isaiah 40:31, 53:5, 1 Pet 2:24,  Your Insightful Sayings are:  Wisdom knows that any purchase that is to good to be true is a trap for the foolish.  Any harlot looks beautiful at a distance but their real ugliness is only truly revealed at close inspection.