Solomon’s Advice

In Prov 3:5-6, we have a wonderful piece of advice from Solomon. He says that we are to trust the Lord with all our hearts. Following God with all our heart is great advice because who better than the creator of the universe and someone who knows all things to guide our lives. We can trust God, He knows what He is doing. He knows all things and can do all things. We are to not lean to our own understanding. When we rely on our knowledge, wisdom and resources, we will find that they will fail very quickly and then what do you have, nothing? When we lean on the Lord all things are possible. Then we are to acknowledge Him. This means saying to ourselves and others that the Lord is our God. He is the one who is Lord and Saviour. Our relationship with Him is not a casual or fleeting one. It is strong and based on His love for us and our love for Him. The last phrase is so wonderful. He will direct our path. We are all on a path. The road to destruction is wide and many travel it. The path to life is narrow and few travel it. Why? Because it is not easy to say no to yourself and yes to the Lord. He will direct your life and will give you eternal and abundant life. So you have a choice, your way or God\’s. Destruction of life? Seems to me an easy choice but then again I have already made mine. I hope you will choose life.