Speak the words of God

In John 12:50, Jesus said that He only spoke the words that the Father gave Him.  What a wonderful place to be.  To only think, speak and do what the Father wants us to do.  Jesus was able to that and I believe we can as well.  Jesus was the perfect role model of what the Christian life can be.  One of the mysteries of Jesus’ life is how He chose to leave behind His godly attributes and become a man like us and be subject to all the human frailties and yet not sin.  The Book of Hebrews states that he became like us and yet did not sin.  Jesus as a human, dealt with discourage, fear, isolation, loneliness, rejection and being misunderstood.  He overcame because He was full of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus showed us what life in the Spirit could be.  The secret of Him doing the will of the Father was His prayer life.  He spent many hours in prayer and His primary focus of life was knowing the Father and doing what the Father wanted Him to do.  Jesus understood that this life is a dress rehearsal for eternity.  The early apostles understood this but they learned this from Jesus.  I want to state that this earth is not our home.  This is not as good as it gets.  What we do here does matter for eternity.  The writer of Hebrews said that Abraham allowed himself to live in tents because He was looking for a city whose maker and builder was God.  The true giants of the Bible have been those individuals who understood that their lives on this planet had purpose.  They knew they only had a certain amount of time here so they used it wisely for God and then when it was time for their promotion through death they went into the presence of God in victory and anticipation.  Jesus knew this and so when He offered Himself on the cross for mankind sins He knew He had fulfilled His Father’s wish.  As you go about this day I want to leave you with two thoughts.  First, make the will of God your top priority and remember this earth is not your home the best is yet to come.