Spelling a word right.

This morning one of our listeners called me up and corrected me on how I spelled Vigan.  I spelled it Vigon.  Missed it by one letter.  The reality is that I like certain foods to much to become a Vigan.  What I appreciate is when you call me or email me.  I love learning from my mistakes.  Wisdom knows that we don’t do everything perfect but trying is the secret.  It is easy to be a spectator and to give advice.  Christians are not called to be spectators but participants.  Paul calls us ambassadors.  We present the Kingdom of God.  Billy Graham, said, "That we are the only bibles many people read."  What is your life saying? I appreciate every thing you say and write to help inprove the morning show.  I have to keep a humble heart because of the responsibility I have been given.  Imagine talking to people in a large area such as the city of Edmonton and around the world.  God has been good.    So keep phoning and writing any thing you can say to help me is appreciated. 


Robert Dean