Spring Spending

I’m not sure what it is about Spring, but for me it’s not only is the
season of new life, but the awakening of a seasonal
addiction…shopping.  Winter items on sale; I needing to ‘refresh’ my
summer wardrobe; time to redocorate indoors and out… The possiblity of
things to buy is endless! AND apparently, changing our clocks forward
doesn’t help either.  It feels like a loose/loose battle! 

Here are some question I uncovered to ask myself to get this Spring spending under control:

  • Do I have to buy this item?
  • Can I borrow this item from a friend or swap for it?
  • Have I found the best deal? – Websites such as dealio.com can help us find the best bargins.
  • Have I gotten enough sleep? – We are more willing to spend more money when we’re emotional or tired. 
  • Am I buy this JUST becaus it’s on sale? – People often buy more than they planned to at discount outlets.
  • Have you asked about future deals?
  • Do you love it and do you need it?
  • Can you afford it?

Good luck as you battle your Spring spending!