Start and Stand

tart and Stand – 1 Cor 5-6

Vs 5 – Paul wanted to make sure the Corinthians faith did not stand in the wisdom of men.  James tells us the wisdom of men is envy, strife, earthly, sensual, devilish, confusion and every evil work.  God’s wisdom is peaceable, pure, gentle, easy to entreat, mercy, good works, without partiality or hypocrisy.  Their faith would stand on the power of God.  A great place to start and stand.

Vs 6 – Paul brings a message design for mature people.  People who are not foolish or easily fooled.  Maturity brings stability, accountability and transparency.  Paul’s message had nothing to do with the wisdom of this age or the rulers of it.  His wisdom is not worldly or demonic in any form.  Corinth was famous for its schools of philosophy.  The teachings of Plato and Socrates with abundant here.  These philosophies were based on man being the measure of all things or the natural world being the playground of the gods and man being their pawns.  They also taught that the only things that were real were those things revealed by the five senses.