Stay in your present state

Stay in your present state – 1 Cor 7:27-28

Vs 27 – He follows the same rational as in previous verses.  If you are pledge to be married then follow through with that commitment.  If you are not married then do not sake a wife.  Stay in your present state whatever it may be.  Marriage is great place to be as is being a bachelor.  

Vs 28 – Whatever state they find themselves they have not sinned but married couples face many trials and problems in life and Paul just to spare them from this.  Paul had been for a long period time as a widower and he saw the benefit of it.  His whole devotion and time could be focused on the Lord and His work.  Yet married couple have the promise that a two or three fold cord can not be broken.  Married couples are two people standing against the world instead of one.  Solomon said when you are alone you may not be able to stand up but with someone with you.  You will.