Steal no more

In Eph 4:28, Paul tells the thief to steal no more, get a job and help those who need help. Paul is talking about a whole sale life change. Certain patterns in life can be very destructive. The thief their pattern of life has been taking from others. Paul encourages them to begin a new lifestyle of honest work and helping others. Now most of my readers today on not thieves but you need to make a whole sale life change. If we are honest with ourselves we will discover that we can be very selfish. Paul tells us that we should forget our lives of selfishness and focus on others. One time William Booth the founder of the Salvation Army was asked to give his view of life in one word. He wrote, “Others.” What a great view of life. We are born to help others. God has called us to be His hands and feet. So today give up a life of selfishness and put others ahead of yourself. Like Patch Adams says, “When you pour your life into others you will always win.”