Strong Faith

Strong faith does not happen it takes real effort.  Look at the life of any athlete who has made it to the podium you will see a life of strong discipline.  You do not become the best at something just by talent.  Strong work ethic is key.  To believe that you will have strong faith without strong effort is folly.  Jesus was a man who had a strong faith and He worked hard at it.  Jesus was a man of prayer.  It states through out the gospel that Jesus would get away to pray.  He was a man who had a consistent habit of going to House of the Lord.  He knew the scriptures and He shared the good news with all He came into contact with.  All of that takes a strong consistent work ethic.  I believe you get what you work at.  If you want a toned, strong body you have to work at it.  If you want a strong, toned faith get busy.  The choice is yours.