Sunday is for the Lord

  If you are not aware I am a pastor as well as the Host of the Morning Show.  Every Sunday, I have the privilege to go to the House of the Lord and spend time with God`s people.  This is a habit that I have kept from the first Sunday since I gave my life to Christ.  Right from the beginning I understood the important of church.  Even as a new Christian I was aware that it was the place I needed to be to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is the place where I can find like minded people.  It is the place where I can worship the Lord in a corporate setting.  I learned early that it was where I can see role models of faith and Christian service.  I knew back then that my faith needed others to keep me accountable and focused.  I feel sad for those who either refused to go to church or neglect it.  They are missing so much.  I have seen how mportant church is in my life so that is why I promote as I do.  The local church was God’s idea.  It is still the best place to be healed, restored, built up and encouraged.  Yes, I have heard all the jokes and criticism about the local church.  People say they do not go to church because of the hypocrites.  My answer is simple, don`t worry then you will fit in.  We have all been hypocrites at one time or another so that excuse has been no real foundation.  Most local church are filled with people who just want to love and serve God and others so find one that you fit with and support it.   Â