Sunday is Game Day

When I talk about Sunday being game day it has nothing to do with the NFL playoffs that are happening today. I really don`t think it matters to much in time and eternity if the Patriots or Ravens win the final.  What does matter is if you are in the house of the Lord.  David wrote in Ps 122:1 that he was glad when he had a opportunity to go to the House of the Lord.  Going to church is a marker of really or not you have really gotten the gist of your faith.  There are three other markers.  They are daily prayer, Bible reading and evangelism.  If one of these markers is missing it means that your life is out of balance and you need to revisit the basics of your faith.  In recent decades there has been a movement advocating or downplaying the importance of church attendance.  Nothing is as important as weekly attendance to God`s house.  Let me explain, Jesus who is the Son of God regularly attended God`s house and if the Saviour saw the value and showed by example the importance than that should be the example of His disciples.  I love the House of God and not because I get to share the word.  I love it because once a week I get to be with the believers and share a corporate time of worship and fellowship.  I hope you find that reality and joy as well.  So go and do the right thing.