Sunday the Big Games

This of coure is Super Bowl Sunday, the Holy Grail of sport and the biggest day in American sport but for the Christian, Sunday is the  big day.  It is the day that we can get together with other disciples and celebrate our faith together.  It is a time of worship, prayer and the word.  It is a time that we can come together and share the love of Jesus Christ with each other.  I am always sad to see fellow Christians who find something else to do on Sunday.  It was my wish that they would become like Football fans in a way.  A football fan will follow their team.  They will want to know what the time is about, it strategies and team philosophy.  They live and die for their team.  This is how a Christian should be.  We should want to know our Savior.  What He thinks, what makes Him happy and sad.  What is His philosophy towards life.  More importantly to know Him.  Jess Christ is the most exciting person who has ever lived and the wonderful thing is that He is alive right now.  He rose from the dead.  So today go to the house of the Lord and celebrate Jesus with your friends and fellow disciples.