Take Heart

In 2 Tim 4:2, Paul gives the young Timothy a strong exhortation.  We can also take this exhortation to heart.  We are to preach the word.  When Jesus was facing the devil in the wilderness, what was it that He used to rebuke and defeat the devil?  It was the Word of God.  It was the Word that changed the lives of the people of the Book of Acts.  It is the word that is the final authority of faith and practice.  It is the word that we must preach, for it has the power to change and reform society.  It is the word that will set the world, the flesh and the devil to flight.  Paul says, as men and women of God we are to be ready in season and at all times to give the word.  We should be ready to rebuke and reprove if necessary.  We should be ready to exhort which means to build up with all patience.  We are giving instructions to the believers.  This instruction must be with the patience of God for sometimes the application of the word in someone’s life takes longer than we would like to see happen.  Your promises today are:  Heb 4:12, Matt 11:28, Matt 16:18-20, 28:19-10, Mark 16:15-17 and 1 John 4:7-8.  Your Insightful Sayings are:  True communication is first learning to listen, then learning to think and lastly learning to talk at the right time.  A fool loves to hear the sound of their own voice when every else does not.