Talk with the Animals.

In Numbers 22:22-35, is an account where an animal had more than than a human,  Balaam had been called by the enemies of Israel to curse them.  He was a man of God but he chose to forsake the life of consecration to God to serve money.  A common problem today.  Mother Theresa said that North America’s biggest problem is our prosperity.  It has blinded us to those around us.  In Balaam’s case God was going to deal with that.  I pray He does not do the same to us.  In Balaam’s case an angel of the Lord was sent to stop him.  The donkey saw the angel and tried to back away. Baalam did not see the angel and proceeded to beat the animal.  This happened three times.  Finally the angel allowed the donkey to speak and Balaam’s eyes were opened as well to the angel.  The donkey that Balaam had owned for several years saved Balaam’s life.  The donkey had more sense than the so called man of God.  Many times the people of God do foolish things for whatever the reason. We can learn from animals some very important things.  From the dog, we can learn loyalty, trust and living in the moment.  From the Canada goes we can learn loyalty in marriage for the Canada Goose has only one mate in life.  From the dove we can learn peacefulness, gentleness and a quiet life.  Your promises today are Luke 9:23, Acts 1:8, 1 John 4:18, Psalm 27:1.