Taught with authority

In Matt 7:29, Jesus had just finished teaching and the people said that He was a man who taught with authority.  There has never been a greater teacher than Jesus Christ.  His teaching method was a combination of simple stories and deep spiritual truth.  He could take the ordinary and make it extra-ordinary.  He could take the wind and use it as an analogy for the Holy Spirit.  He could take bread and wine and make them one of the most deep spiritual experiences ever.  He used the analogy of being a shepherd and show God’s care and love.  He used light and darkness to illustrate the human condition.  Jesus was a master and spinner of spiritual truth.  No one has or ever will be able to teach like Him.  The most amazing thing is that Jesus lived what He taught.  He would never ask someone to do something He was not willing to do Himself.  Teaching with authority means to live what you preach.  Your walk and your talk line up.  People see you back up every word with action.  So today let the words and lifestyle of Jesus be your example and you too can teach and live with authority like Jesus.  Let Him be your role model, your Savior and Lord.