Teaching our Children

In Deut 6:7 it speaks to the parents about who has the responsibility of Christian education for the children.  Some parents think that all religious training for the children must be done by the church and the Sunday School teacher.  This is far from the truth.  Moses commanded the people of Israel to teach their children the things of God anytime there was an opportunity.  Christian education must be taught and then caught by the children through their parents.  We have to pass on that which we have.  I remember reading an article how that when our children refuse to go to school, or eat or get up in the morning parents must be firm.  Yet when it comes to the most important thing in life, Christian education we are milk toast.  It is time that the parent of today to get some backbone and teach their children the things of God.  It will do nothing but good.  The promises I wish to leave with you today are as follows.  Prov 22:6, Joshua 24:15, Acts 16:31