Thank the Lord

Jesus had an exhortation in Luke 8:15, He told His audience that those who hold onto the word with a good and honest heart would bear fruit with patience.  What a promise.  When you read the Bible and apply it to your life the promise is that you will bear much fruit.  Bearing fruit means that people will see growth and development in the things of God.  You will show Jesus Christ in in your thoughts, words and actions.  Your attitudes, motives, perceptions and reactions will be godly instead of very human.  You will bring righteous living into every situation.  You will love, accept and forgive others.  People will see a consistent godly behaviour.  All these are so important to the testimony of Jesus Christ that you bring to the world.  When you say that you are a Christian people expect you to live as one.  Now that does not mean you do not make mistakes because you do but when you do you will be honest with God and others.  You will ask for forgiveness from God and others and then move on.  So today, hold onto God’s word with a good and honest heart.  Bear much fruit and be patient.