The arm of the Lord

 April 23 – The arm of the Lord – Psalm 44:3 & 7

     This is a psalm of the Korah one of David`s singers and musicians.  It was a maskil which is taking a piece of written literature and putting music to it to teach the audience the Hebrew language much like Psalm 119 was.

     The psalmist reminds his audience that the land was not won through their might, skill or resources of the warriors of the day.  It was won through the right hand of God.  When Joshua took the land it was because the Lord was with Him.  The Jordan did not stop flowing because of the Israelites but because God did it.  Jericho`s wall did not fall because of the might of Israelite army but God`s power brought it down.  It happen because of the Lord`s love for His people and His mighty right hand.  In Jewish thought the right hand was the might of God and the left hand was His mercy.

     In vs 7, the Lord was the one that gave the Israelites the victory over their enemies and put their adversaries to shame.  The ancient world was a dark and violent place.  Empires rose and fell.  Israel was a small nation in the sea of humanity but God was their victory and help.  In this violent and dark world the Lord can be yours in the same way.  Put your trust in Him today.