The Art of Restoration.

In Galatians 6:1, Paul exhorts his readers to help someone when they are overcome by a problem.  This was to be done in a spirit of gentleness but also remembering that you could be tempted as well.  Paul is literally saying to walk in life with the desire to help and restore others.  Everyday people are falling, making mistakes and hurting their walk with God.  Paul says, when you see someone failing and falling, go and offer your help.  Do this ministry with a spirit of gentleness.  Make sure you park your ego at the door.  Walk in love, mercy and grace.  Your intention is help and restore.  The Christian church is a place where the sick get well and then go out of help other sick people.  Paul also includes  in this exhortation this morning a note of caution.  He says remember be careful that you do not become tempted.  What he is saying here, is don’t you take up the sin, the offense or hurt this person you are helping has done.  It is easy to champion a cause, or become symptathic to the point where you excuse or even anable the sin.  The same temptation they have been overcomed by can overcome you.  Paul says when you get involved in the ministry of restoration keep you eyes and focus on Jesus.  Let the Holy Spirit help you and keep in prayer and the word always.  Good advice from the Apostle Paul.