The Barren Fig Tree

In Luke 13:9, Jesus tells the parable of the fig tree that a man had but it did not grow so he decided to cut it down.  The gardener who took care of his garden asked him to give the tree an opportunity to grow one more year.  The gardener would fertilize and water it and if it did not grow it would be cut down the next year.  The truth here is that giving God mankind and us one more opportunity and chance before he comes.  He is the God of the second chance so today turn your time, talents and resources over to Him.  We learn as well that we are to grow in the Lord or we could find ourselves being cut off.  Jesus prayed that we would produce fruit that remains.  Be fruitful for the Lord today.  Redeem everyday and every opportunity for His glory.  Your promises today are:  Psalm 5:12, 17:4, 46:1, Prov 1:33, Prov 3:25-26, Isaiah 59:12, Jn 9:36 and Rom 8:37.   Your insightful thought is:  Hurt in the body will heal but hurt in the heart could take time to heal and may never heal without God’s help.