The castle

The castle was strong and well defended, the people inside were determined and well stocked for a long siege.  Outside the King was deliberating what to do with this rebellious city.  They had been responsible for many attacks on people in the area, innocent merchants and travellers alike.  The King knew it would be a long and difficult campaign with much loss of life.  As he conversing with his war counsel a man sent word that he was a former resident of the city and knew a secret way in.     The king was leary and skeptical about this offer.  Yet since he knew the cost of the campaign he invited the man to speak to the war counsel.  The man told them of a secret passage way at the base of the hill the city rested upon.  The king and counsel decided to send a small attack party with the man to verify the story.     That night under the cover of darkness a small squad of men followed the former resident to the base of the hill where they found the secret passage way.  The King sent the following night a larger force through the secret passage way into the city where they were able to open the main gate where the King entered into the city with his army to the surprise of the residents of the rebellious city.  They surrendered quickly and the rebellion was subdued.  Rebellion is never easy to over come but with wise, dilberate planning and a forceful response, it can be overcome.