The Exiles

Dec 23 – The Exiles – Psalm 147:1-2

The psalmist begins by telling his audience that it is good to praise the Lord and how fitting to do it. He states that it is pleasant to do so. There is something wonderful when you worship the Lord in the beauty of His holiness. It is freeing, cleansing and powerful. Then he states that the Lord builds up Jerusalem. He gathers the exiles of Israel. The Lord will build up His people and where they dwell. Where ever you are today the Lord is with you. He will take you from a place of bondage and He will set you in a pleasant place.

The Lord heals the broken hearted. We live in a world where hearts are broken on a regular basis. Offense and hurt are a daily occurance and in those moment you turn the matter over to the Lord and He will heal you. He binds up their wounds. He pour His balm of Gilead. His healing touch and through

His touch you will be made whole and stronger than before. The Lord can heal faster than amount of time when you ask him to help you. Do that today.