The First Question

The First Question – Rom 10:14-15


Vs 14 – Paul then asks three questions and in these questions He also gives the answer.  First, how can they call of Him if they have not believed?  Belief is essential.  How can they believe if they have not heard?  Someone has to go.  How can they hear without a preacher?  Someone has to go and tell them the message.

Vs 15 – Paul then asks one more question.  How can they preach unless they have been sent?  Paul had been the first official missionary party.  They had been sent out by the church in Antioch.    Paul then quotes Isaiah 52:7 where it states, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.”  The message of Christ is one that brings glad tidings.  It is a message of joy, peace and gladness.  Let us be His messengers with healing, peace and victory.  We have beautiful feet let us use them today.  Someone is waiting.