The Future Revealed

The Future Revealed – Matt 24


    When examining and exploring Matthew 24.  You will mine a  deep vein of truth.  Here are four things this chapter reveals to us today.  People are expecting the return of the Lord and so they will be living like everything is normal when it is not.  One man will be taken and another left behind in a moment of time.  Paul says that this event will happen in the twinkling of an eye.  We need to live ready because when it happens you won’t even have time to think a thought.

    Keep watch for you do not know the time the Lord will come.  He will be like a thief in the night.  You will not be expecting Him.  Be like the faithful servant and be ready for the Lord’s return.  The message here is to watch.  We are to lift up our heads for Christ is coming.  Be ready and pray that you may escape.  Things will try to trap you but don’t let them.