The God of Peace

Paul has a prayer and promise for us today.  In Rom 15:13, he prays that the God of peace will fill you with peace and joy as you trust in Him.  You will be given hope and power by the Holy Spirit.  God will give you all you need to be in victory through out your life.  Joy and peace are wonderful qualities.  Peace is absence of inner conflict and joy is having a deep seated contentment no matter what you face.  All of these bring hope as you let the Holy Spirit fill you with power.  When ever you are facing any times of trouble the Lord will give you His peace and joy.  You know everything will be alright because you are trusting in the Lord.  He helped you before and He will help you again.  His will give you hope.  You know this is not the end of your story.  It is just another chapter showing God’s goodness and love.  The Holy Spirit will give you the power and the ability to overcome.  God has always been and always will be faithful.  So today let the joy, peace and peace of God flow in and through you.  Let your hope be in the Lord as you let the Holy Spirit’s power carry you to another  place of victory.