The God of Peace

The God of Peace – Rom 16:20

Vs 20 – This next verse is such a powerful verse and promise.  The God of Peace will soon crush satan under our feet.  The one who brings peace fulfills through us the promise of Gen 3:15.  Satan is defeated by peace, unity and love.  James says that we submit to God the devil will have to flee from us.  John says that Jesus Christ came to destroy the works of the devil.  Satan is crushed under foot when we exercise peaceful ways to those in opposition to us.  Paul closes this small section off by wishes the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ to be with them and us.  It is grace and peace that give us the victory over satan.  It is this grace and mercy that also allows us to forgive when wrong and to use this forgiveness as a stepping stone to keeping right relationship with others.  One man wrote to stay right with others is to crush any satanic opportunity to work in your life and others.