The Grace of God.

   Yesterday I experienced the grace of God.  I was involved in a serious car accident where I was bumprd up pretty good but the Lord was gracious.  I could have been hurt a lot worse than I was.  As I sat in the hospital I realize that God was truly with me.  Yes, I had bump up my chest and was a little sore but  here I was not really hurt.  The two other people involved in the accident were not hurt and God has been good.  It is time like this you realize God’s goodness.  Yes, there has been a meterial loss in the accident but health wise I am o.k.  In moments like this you realize that the Lord will never forsake or leave you.  His angels were watching over me.  Truly the Lord is good.  If you ever doubt the goodness of God, just remember all the times He has been with you in the so called difficult times.  The Bible says that all things work together for good, it does not mean that all things are good but all things work together for good.  Out of this will come some good.  Maybe, I will learn to be more observant but mostly I have learned that no matter what state I find myself I have learned to be content.  Quite a lesson to learn.