The Hiding Place

March 21 – Psalm 32:6-7 – The Hiding Place

     David gives such a powerful exhortation to his readers and audience.  He exhorts them to pray to the Lord while He may be found.  Now this is just an exhortation because God will always be found when we pray.  David however in precious verses pointed out that sin and iniquity does stop prayer.  David uses a metaphor how that the mighty waters can rise in a life.  You can be overwhelmed by the storms of life and in that moment you will feel isolated, fearful and alone.  Cry out to God and He will rescue you.

     Corrie Ten Boon when she was in a Nazi concentration camp stood on this verse.  God became her hiding place in the midst of hatred and death.  The Lord will protect us from trouble and will also help us in the midst of trouble.  We will be like Corrie will be surrounded and can be set free with songs of deliverance.  It is amazing when you sing before the Lord how your whole view changes.  God rises and inhabits the praises of His people.  Praise changes our view and starts divine help and deliverance.  Let the Lord be your hiding place.  Worship Him and see how every changes.