The importance of Family.

  Today is family day a time set aside by the government of Alberta to celebrate and promote the values of family life.  For the Christian this should be a given.  Our families should be next to God our number one priority.  Family is what the church is all about.  Paul uses this analogy in his writings.  He calls the church a family.  As a family we to be aware of each others needs, wants and desires.  In our immediate family we are called to pray for, minister to and love our loved ones.  I have the privilege to be married to the same wonderful lady for over three decades.  Our union has produced four children and three grandchildren.  Yesterday I went to lunch with three of our children at a local restaurant in St. Albert it was so much fun.  Our grandchildren were there and it was a hoot.  Our grand daughter was sitting in her high chair trying to grab my dinner and she was so adorable as she made cute faces at me.  Our second grandson who is three was telling me a big story about his latest adventure in Sunday School.  Our oldest grandson who is five never to be outdone shared his latest pearls of wisdom which cracked up the whole group.  The restaurant owners came over all the time remarking to us how wonderful a family we had because we were having such a great time.  I realized in that moment how blessed I really was and thankful I was to the Lord for four children who serve the Lord.  Our youngest daughter is a missionary in Japan right now and it is such a privilege to have a child serving the Lord in this way.  Acts 16:31 reminds us that if we are saved that our family will be as well.  I pray for my family everyday and claim that promise and so far it has been a reality in my family and am grateful.  So on this family day count your blessings and enjoy your family for the glory of God.  Â