The Keys of the Kingdom

In Matt 16:19, Jesus talks about the power of prayer.  He tells His disciples that whatever they bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever they loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.  What amazes me is the fact that many of us do not exercise that authority.  Prayer is that time period of our lives where we talk to God and He talks to us.  It is also that time where we exercise our spiritual authority.  For example in Acts 16:31, it says not only shall we be saved but our household as well.  In prayer we can claim our loved ones and bind the forces that are keeping them from salvation and we can ask the Holy Spirit to convict and convince our family members to be saved.  We can also ask the angels to protect and minister on behalf of the Lord to our loved ones.  Prayer is the most powerful weapon that we have in this area.  We can ask the Lord for impact our world.  In prayer we can quote the Word of God and do what Isaiah encourages those of His day to do.  Remind God day and night of His promises.  I have discovered that God acts upon His promises when we pray.  So today claim your promises in prayer.  Loose victory and freedom and bind darkness and slavery from your loved ones.  Asked the Lord to help you make an impact in your world and He will.  Your promises today are:  Matt 16:18-19, Matt 18:18-20, Luke 10:9