The Light

March 6 – Psalm 27:1 – The Light

     We are going to spend the next three days in Psalm 27.  The challenge I am facing in this devotional is trying to pick and choose from so much great material. David in this verse deals directly with fear.  Fear being a spirit and is overcome by spiritual means.  David says because the Lord is my light I will not fear.  One of most prevalent fears is the dark.  Light always dispel darkness.  Thus exposing what is there and

removing fear.  The Lord is our salvation.  Fear of death is removed because you have forgiveness, eternal and abundant life.

     The Lord is our stronghold, our tower, our place of deliverance and victory.  Our lives are hid in Him.  Fear of failure, pain and being ashamed is dealt with. The enemy is defeated.  He cannot win and so we have nothing to fear.