The Lord’s Freedom

It is hard to believe that we are already in the third day of January in 2012.  Our devotion this morning is from Isaiah 61:1 where we learn that the Lord will come upon us and with Him comes an anointing.  Isaiah saw some 700 years before Christ that Jesus would be the one who brings this great promise.  Through Jesus Christ and the salvation He brings comes an anointing that will bring good news to those that are poor in any situation.  This knowledge and anointing will heal the brokenhearted.  It is wonderful to know that there is nothing that has broken your heart the Lord cannot heal.  This anointing proclaims liberty to the captive.  The reality for many people is that they are bound.  Bound by thoughts, words, actions, habits, problems and so many other things.  Jesus and the anointing He brings can set the captive free.  Lastly Jesus can set the prisoner free.  Freedom is a precious thing and should be never taken for granted.  Whatever has imprisoned you, allow Jesus to come into your life and world and set you free.  He is only a prayer away.