The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer –  Matt 6:9


Yesterday we focus on God being our Father.  Today we are focusing on where He lives.  Jesus starts off the Lord’s prayer with.  Our Father who is in heaven.  The father dwells in heaven.  Heaven is both a physical and spiritual place.  This is an interesting statement because Jesus would reveal in John 4:24, that God is Spirit and you must worship Him in Spirit and in truth.  Also because God is Spirit He does not have a physical body.  He is also omni present which means He is everywhere at all times.  So what does Jesus mean here?

Jesus is saying that when you pray you are addressing the creator of the universe, the one who dwells between time and space and matter and motion.  You are communing with the one who is present everywhere at all time.  This time and place of prayer has become heaven, the place where God dwells.  As the temple of the Holy Spirit your time of prayer has become a conversation and communion time spirit to Spirit.  Your spirit is communing and conversing with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  In your place of prayer you are having an audience with the creator of all things and you have an exclusive audience of one.  John makes reference to this in his messages to the churches of Revelation.  God is your audience and you are living your life for Him and this time of prayer is your time to get instruction and lifestyle guidance so you can live it for His praise and glory.