The Mustard Seed

In Luke 14:18-19, Jesus tells a little parable about the Kingdom of God.  He compares it to a mustard seed.  The mustard seed is the smallest of seeds but it grows into a very large tree where birds of the air nest in its branches.  The lessons we learn about this plant is that all it takes is a small seed of faith to see great things for God.  Faith is beleiving when all things seem to be against you.  Faith is believing in the Lord’s promises when nothing has happened in the physical realm.  The writer of Hebrews in 11:1 states that faith is the substance of things hope for and the evidence of things not seen yet.  You just know that God will work everything out.  Right now I am in that position.  Recently I have had a couple things that have tested my faith and so I am trusting the Lord.  When you are in a situation where your faith is being tested, you need to get people to join you in prayer about the situation.  United prayer is one of God’s method’s to break down strongholds.  Solomon said a three fold cold is not easily broken.  Jesus stated that where two or three people agree as touching anything it shall be done for them.  Get people to join you in prayer and together you will see miracles.  Jesus in this parable says that faith may start out small but it grows to the place where others come and live in that place of victory.  So trust God and see victory in your life today.