The Nations are Ours

In Psalm 2:8, David writes a promise.  The Lord tells us that if we ask Him for the nations He will give them to us and all the earth as our possession.  This is a wonderful promise for evangelism and missionary work.  When you know that God will give you a nation or people’s group you will go with confidence and zeal.  St. Patrick was called to the Island of Ireland when he had a dream and in that dream he saw mail from Ireland asking Him to come over and help them.  St. Paul had a vision of a man asking him to come to Macedonia and help them.  These men knew that with God they could and would win their areas to the Lord.  Do you know that you and your family can and will be saved?  Acts 16:31 is your promise.  So today go and possess your world for the Kingdom of God.  David has given you your promise and God will do exactly what He says He will do.  Every man may be a liar but the Word of God is true.  So go and claim your inheritance and possession for the Lord.  How much you possess is up to you.