The Night Before Christmas

We all love the Christmas Poem.  "The Night Nefore Christmas."  As a child I would lay awake thinking about that.  Before Christmas till I was about eight I would pretend to be Santa Claus and pretend to go from house to house giving Christmas and making people happy.  I believe it is the wish of all people to make others happy from time to time.  Christmas should be about giving not receiving.  Give not just your time, talents and resources but yourself to others.  For example, if you are in a relationship you need to give more of yourself to that other person.  If you have children give more of yourself to them, truth be told they are craving your attention.  To your work, give yourself during the time you are there but don’t make it your priority.  When I was younger, for about the first 6 years of being a pastor I was a workaholic. One day when I came home my son Rob called me, "pastor daddy", and that is when I realized my life was out of whack and I needed to make changes and I did.  Christmas can be that time to change for the better please do and give yourself a Christmas present.  Be the person you always wanted to be.