The Nobleman’s Son

John 4:4-46 – The Nobleman’s Son


This event happened in Cana the same town where Jesus had turned the water into wine.  Jesus came back and the people hear about Him.  One man in particular heard about Him.  This man was a member of the royal family and his son laid sick so when Jesus arrived back in Galilee from Judea, the official cam to Jesus and asked Him to heal his son.  Jesus told him to go back to Capernaum and he would find his son healed.  This act of faith made the son well.

The father was a man that believed that Jesus could make his son well.  He was a man who loved his son and would travel great distances for the boy.   Jesus told him, “Unless you see a miracle you won’t believe.”  This man was a Jew and Jesus was revealing the nature of the Jews which is that they will not believe until they see a sign or a miracle.

The man’s faith was put to the test when Jesus asked him to go back to Capernaum and take Jesus at His word.  When he did his son was made whole.  Jesus met the need and there were immediate results.  The man saw his need met and he believed.  Jesus is always willing to meet us at our point of need.  There is a role that we must play.  We have to willing to put our faith to the test and take the Lord at His word.  This was the second miracle that Jesus did.