The Passion Week

Jesus had a very busy week during the passion week.  After He had been escorted into the city by the crowds proclaiming Him to be the Messiah, Jesus went and cleanse the temple.  The Bible says it was the zeal of the Lord that motived Him.  He saw that the temple had been turned into a place of business instead of what it had been designed for.  The temple was built as a place of prayer, worship and meeting with God.  Men can do that with places designed for God.  Today we have been called the temple of the Holy Spirit.  Our bodies are designed to be places of worship, prayer and meeting with God.  The challenge that each one of us face is whether or not we will allow the Lord to have number one place.  Everyday we whould ask ourselves the following questions.  Lord are you being glorified in my life?  Does my life reflect you motives, thoughts, words, deeds and attitudes?  Am I an example for you?  Three questions that if not answered in the affirmative should motivate us to look long and hard to change the way we live.  Jesus died so you and I could have salvation and He paid a heavy price.  If you are unsure where to start here are two suggestions.  First, Matt 22:37-40, loving the Lord with everything we have and loving our neighbor as ourselves.  Secondly, instead of having the ten commandments on your wall put them in your heart.  These two are a great starting point.  They will help you get on the right track to glorify the Lord.