The Plight of the wicked

April 6 – The Plight of the wicked – Psalm 37:7-10

     One of the most pressing question sometimes is why does the wicked seem to succeed?  David says to wait patiently for the Lord and do not fret over the wicked.  David reminds his readers that the law of sowing and reaping is still in effect.  Paul states in Gal 6:8 that God is not mocked whatever a person sows they will reap.  David made the same point.

      He then tells his audience to not fret or get angry because all this does is to lead to things such as envy, greed, discontentment and wickedness.   David makes it clear that the wicked will come to a terrible end and in a short time they will be no more.  There is a story of a Canadian mobster who engaged in violence and death and only after a short time he himself was a victim of violence.  Jesus said, “Those that live by the sword die by the sword.”  So don’t worry, fret complain or concern yourself over the wicked.  God keeps the book just keep your heart right.