The Power of the Word

Heb 4:12 is by far one of my most favorite verses in the Bible.  There is nothing like the word.  It is one of my greatest love except for my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and my wife.  The word has such power, it brings change.  It moved men such as Luther, Wesley, Knox, Moody, Spurgeon, Graham, Ward and Bornhoeffer.  It has changed countries such as Great Britian, United States, Canada and Scotland.  The word has reformed many societies and strengthened believers.  The word can see right through a person.  Use the word to grow in grace and knowledge.  Use the word to grow in faith.  Use the word for it is your source of strength and joy.  Use it everyday.  Your promises today are, Rom 8:11, Rom 10:9-10, 10:17, 12:1-2 and 12:4-8.  Your Insightful Sayings are:  When you fight for what is right that which is wrong will be defeated.  Love will only grow when watered by kindness.