The Prologue

The Prologue -Revelation 1:1


    The book of Revelation is a revealing of Jesus Christ and events that will happen in the near future.  Even though John saw this some 2000 years ago the events portrayed in this book are more up to date than tomorrow`s newspaper.  The first truth is that book is about Jesus Christ.  God the Father gave Him a message to show to His servants all who called Christ as Lord and Savior.  This was for John’s time and for ours.  The message and intention of this book is timeless.  Should Jesus tarry it will have relevance to the next generation.  The reason for this book is clear, to show the things that will soon take place.  God wanted to make sure that His servants were not caught unawares.  Another truth is that these things will happen because the Lord Himself has ordained it.  The Lord is not man who is a liar.  His word is true and what He says will come to pass will come to pass.  The message was made known by an angel sent to John the beloved.  John would be the writer and revealer of this message.