The Promise

A promise – Rom 15:20-21

Vs 20.  Paul reveals his heart here.  It has been his ambition to preach Jesus Christ has not been preached.  He does not want to build on someone else’s foundation.  Paul had the true heart of an evangelist or apostle.  He wanted to reach people who had never heard of Jesus Christ.  He loved to see the wonder and amazement of someone who hears the gospel of Jesus Christ and see them come to Christ and live for Him.  

Vs 21 – Promise relays a written promise.  Those who were not told about Him will see and those who have not heard will understand.  This is Paul’s promise.  He is looking for those who will see and understand.  Once there was a missionary to a particular tribe of natives in Canada.  He told them about Jesus Christ and they accepted Him because they already were aware of the great Spirit.  They just needed to know His Son.