The Resurrection

In 1 Cor 15:1-11, Paul points out that the most important truth in Christianity is the resurrection.  Without the resurrection there would be no forgiveness of sin.  Jesus would still be in the grave.  When Christ said He would rise from the dead, He did, so Jesus did not lie.  Paul brings out some important truths about the post resurrection appearances of Christ.  Jesus first appeared to Peter, then He appeared to the apostles, He was seen by more than 500 people at one time, then he appeared to James and lastly to Paul.  Some people have tried to disclaim the fact that Jesus rose from the dead.  Yet centruies of witnesses and the power of Christianity to reform society cannot be dampened.  In the eighteenth century they said that God was dead.  In the nineteenth they said the church was dead, yet today we see more Christians than other time in history.  Why has the church grown?  Because of the resurrection.  Jesus is alive and living.  Your promises today are:  1 Cor 15:51-53, James 4:7, John 10:10, 1 Pet 2:24, Rev 12:11.  Your Insightful Sayings are:  Never waste a moment for God has given you each day to use for His glory.  Vision dies when we fail to implement what God shows us in our lives.