The Richness of Christ

In 2 Cor 8:9, we have Paul talking about the fact that Jesus Christ became poor that we might become rich in Him.  Paul in the first part of this verse points out that it as the grace of Jesus Christ that allowed us to become rich in the things of God.  Grace of course in unmerited favor.  We do not get what we deserve.  Jesus Christ became our substitution for sin.  It was our sin that put Him on the cross.  He literaly died in our place.  That act of love and grace started a new era of grace and mercy for us.  Through our act of repentance we entered a new life in Christ.  When we gave our lives to Christ we became recipients of grace.  All of heaven was now open to us and God now bestows on us all the riches of His grace.  We have eternal and abundant life.  We have love, mercy, grace, goodness, holiness, healing,health and victory.  Jesus who was rich became poor for us so that we might have all the richness of heaven.. The Holy Spirit is the Lord’s deposit.  He makes sure that all these wonderful riches flow into our lives.  So today let the riches of heaven flow freely in your life so you can bless others.