The Righteous Kingdom

The Righteous Kingdom  – 4:4-8


Micah talked about the righteous kingdom.  4:4-8   A righteous kingdom is one where one is right with God and others.  It comes in the form of love, peace and joy.  This kingdom is one that Jesus Christ will reign and rule.  It will be a time of peace, righteousness and justice.

Micah then speaks of the Coming of the Messiah. 5:2  He saw the events of Jesus’ birth.  Imagine God showing you 700 years before the event something would change the course of human history.  God arranged in the fullness of time the birth of the Messiah.  Micah saw the place where it was going happen.  Present events do affect the future.

Lastly Micah saw restoration and reformation of the nation.  7:7-17  After the captivity Judah was restored and God would raise it up to prepare the world for the coming Messiah.  Only one generation after Jesus’ birth, death, burial and resurrection Judah was destroyed.  Today Israel has been restored for the coming of Messiah again.  Jesus Christ is coming back and we shall see it.  One of the signs of the last day is the birth of Israel again.  Watch Israel for whatever happens in it will affect the world.  Micah saw this.