The sower sows the word.

In Mark 4:13, Jesus says, "The sower sows the word."  There is nothing like being able to talk about the word.  Everytime you share the gospel you are sowing the word in some form.  Paul said in Romans that the feet of people who shared the word are beautiful.   They are beautiful because they are sowing the word into someone’s life.  We have the privilege and responsibility to share the word of God with people.  Paul again says in Romans 10, how people need to hear the gospel.  The reality of every person who lives on this planet is the fact they are in one of two positions spiritually.  They are either saved or they are not.  They either belong to God or to satan.  How one transfers from the kingdom of satan to the Kingdom of God is simple, they must be saved.  To be saved one must hear the good news and that good news is brought to them by someone who shares the word of God with them.  That responsibility falls directly on to us as His people.  Jesus said, in Matt 28:19 that we were to go into the world and share the gospel, making disciples of all men.  God expects every one of us to be involved in the process.  We share the gospel by what we say and do.  We are living Bibles for those around us.  I always asked myself this question, "What do they see when they see me?  Do my thoughts, words, deeds, attitudes or actions show Jesus Christ?  Is Jesus the most important thing in my world?  Good solid question.  So today see yourself and your role in this eternal and cosmic conflict.  You have an opportunity to share Jesus.  Boldly step forward and share Him with those in your world.  The Lord and others are waiting.