The Spirit is Willing.

In Matt 26:41, Jesus gives a powerful statement about watching and praying or we could fall into temptation.  The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.  We all have the desire to pray but so often the desire never translates into a habit or discipline to pray.  I have yet to meet a Christian who says they pray to much.  In most cases the opposite is true, they want to pray more.  Recently in my own prayer life and times I want to pray more.  There is something beautiful about heart felt and deep abiding prayer.  Prayer is that communication time with God.  It is a time of one on one communion with God.  We speak to Him and He speaks to us.  It is that time where we get to know and understand Him a little better. Recently in one of my prayer times I asked God to teach me to how to really pray.  Up to this point I have wanted to get to know Him better but something inside which I know of course is the Hoy Spirit said, "You must go deeper."  Jesus said, we need to watch and pray.  This is the one thing that will keep us in the hour of temptation.  When both hell and ourselves want to do our own will instead of God’s.  Prayer is the answer.  Jesus has concluded here that our spirit is willing to go after God but our flesh is weak.  It is our flesh that creates our biggest problem.  We want to follow God, do His will, displays His thoughts, motives and actions but our own desires, will and plans get in the way.  Jesus says watch and pray.  In those times where our own desires run contrary to what God wants.  Pray it through until God priorities are yours.  Do not leave that place of prayer until you know what God wants.  Pray with your bible open, read and pray until you know God’s will for your life and this will protect you from temptation and your own will verses God.  Jesus tells us how to do it, so let us do it for His praise and glory.